History of the Dry Dock

Located in Historical Algiers Point, The Dry Dock Cafe caters to neighborhood residents, but also welcomes visitors to the Crescent City. A restaurant and bar since the early 1900’s, the business was renamed The Dry Dock Cafe in 1986 and has been in continuous operation to date and has a colorful history.

History Dry Dock Location

Dry Dock Cafe Location



The Dry Dock is on the corner of Delaronde and Bouny Streets, a location that has been witness to many of the old carnival and marching clubs of Algiers Point. It’s weathered the passage of time and for years has been a kind of second home to many of the residents of Algiers.

The Cafe serves traditional New Orleans and Creole food. Most of the present staff members have worked there for over twenty years and have helped create a family of devoted customers. From around the world, over the years many tourists who’ve discovered the Dry Dock have become repeat visitors. The owners, Ron and Carole Casey, are local Algiers residents, dedicated to keeping the Dry Dock’s special ambience fresh and alive.

The Cafe is open daily from 11:00 a.m till 10 :00 p.m., Sunday through Saturday. So make the trip to Algiers, be welcome and come pass a good time with us!